Activist & Candidate

SCOPE (Sikh Community Organizing for Political Engagement) “Meet the Candidates” 2020

Hi. I’m Amanda Chagoya, and I’m Making A Difference in my Community.

In 2020, when it became clear that the change that I wanted to see in the world wasn’t going to come from the national-level down, I decided to BE the change, to start locally and push the change up.

As a mom, a businesswoman and a community volunteer, I know that it takes more than passion to make a difference. It takes coordination, communication, strategy and a healthy helping of listening. I ran for School Board in 2020– my first (but not last!) time seeking public office. More than 6,000 of my neighbors cast their vote for me. While I didn’t win this time, my work in the community continues.


Community Clean-Up, Fundraising for Schools

Pursuing equity and equal representation for all of Newark’s diverse residents.


I believe that every child deserves an equitable, high-quality education.

I believe in the power and importance of labor unions.

I believe that healthcare is a human right, not an employee privilege.

I believe that workers deserve to make a living wage, and support a $15/hour federal minimum wage.

I believe climate change is real, and it’s the responsibility of everyone to make change.

let’s turn belief into action!

Let’s make Newark a more equitable, diverse, collaborative and successful community! Got an idea, event, or cause that needs help? Email me at me (at)